A Career of Success in the NYC Search Industries Supports Uncommon Schools

NYC entrepreneur Keith Mann is an avid supporter of today’s generation when it comes to seeing them finish high school and attend college. Mann has a business degree which has allowed him to become a successful businessman in NYC, and he and his wife know that someday in the future, this generation will be the leaders of the country, and he wants them to be prepared.

Partnering with Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann believes that with the right circumstances, every student could attend college after high school and this would benefit NYC and the U.S. with a great generation of leaders.

In 2013, Mann partnered with Uncommon Charter Schools because they shared the same vision for young people. Uncommon Schools began in Brooklyn and now has expanded into Massachusetts and New Jersey. His first donation was $10,000 for the building of the second Brooklyn school, and then the following year, Mann, combined with other businessmen from DSP, and together contributed $22,000 towards the required testing for new students. Last year, Keith and his wife Keeley founded a college scholarship fund for graduating students.

Dynamic Search Partners is at the Top of NYC Alternative Search Industry

Keith Mann began his career in the search industry when he founded Dynamic Executive Search in 2000. Mann grew up in Manchester England where he was a member of the Animal Liberation Group. This group rescues animals who are being abused, including animals that were being used to test new products. Keith had a heart for these animals because he grew up on a farm, so he was extremely active in saving animals from abuse.

After business school, where he met his wife Keely, he settled in NYC to increase the executive search industry. In 2004, he realized that services for the hedge fund and private equities agencies were lacking.

In 2007, he founded his second company, Dynamic Search Partners, to address those industries. Today, DSP has offices in Europe and Australia and has one of the largest databases in the U.S. In less than a decade, DSP has become one of the top alternative search firms in the U.S.