The Enigma that Is Eric Pulier

The economic engine of a great country runs on the mental resources of the people. Without people like Eric Pulier, the world would slowly grind to a halt. He has dedicated his life to becoming a major success in several sectors of the economy. Cloud computing is responsible for most of Eric Pulier’s success.

Mr. Pulier established his first company in 1991. The company known as People Doing Things was based out of L.A. The company had a major focus on using technology to address various issues in the health and education sectors. He, later on, founded a company called Digital Evolution that merge with US Interactive LLC later on. Pulier has also been involved in building a social media network for young kids suffering from chronic illnesses.
Pulier has participated in a number of national initiatives to boost the use of technology in the country. His first such project was hosting a technology exhibition held in Washington DC in 1997. In addition, he has worked with Al Gore and the Clinton Foundation. His main role has always been to promote the use of technology.
Academic Achievements

Mr. Pulier has always had a passion for technology. His first database company was established while he was still in high school. He had already begun programming while in the fourth grade. At the time, it was almost unheard of for such a young kid. He attended Harvard University in 1984 where he majored in American Literature and English. He was also taking a few classes at MIT during his time in Harvard. One of his achievements while at Harvard was that he was the editor of The Harvard Crimson.
Career and Philanthropic Work

Eric Pulier is involved in a number of philanthropic organizations. He is a member of the X-Prize Foundation. It is an organization dedicated to encouraging innovations, which solve global problems of poverty. In addition, he is the co-author of a number of important publications. Eric Pulier is also a major donor for philanthropic courses. He is currently the CEO of ServiceMesh, Inc., a company he co-founded.


Highland Capital’s Road to Excellence – Led by James Dondero

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas based and SEC registered investment advisory firm, with over $32 billion in assets. Highland specializes in credit strategies, and is the world leader in global alternative management. Hedge funds, distressed situations, emerging markets, natural resources, pension plans and endowments are just a few of Highland’s areas of expertise. Highlands unique strategies of diversification guarantee low risk and high yield investments. Highland is a global firm with offices in Dallas, New York, San Paulo, Singapore and Seoul.

The firm was founded by Jim Donderoand Mark Okada when their partnership purchased a stake in PAMCO. The next year Highland was born, and there was no holding the young firm back. Under Dondero’s leadership Highland expanded its global footprint to emerging markets. Dondero’s plan is called the four-factor-alpha which produced an 80 point increase in less than a month’s time. The four-factor-alpha plan’s main focus is on hedge funds, and Dondero’s strategy out performs any other plan in the market by using small-cap instead large-cap picks. Highland manages the largest CLO in the world worth over $21 billion dollars.

Dondero started his career with American Express as a portfolio manager and as a corporate bond analyst at Protective Life’s GIC. His experience with those firms inspired him to pioneer the use of the CLO as safe road to high gain and low risk investment. A CLO is a Collateralized Loan Obligation. The CLO offers the investor an opportunity at high gain return through the use of public and private investments.

Dondero’s outlook for the market in 2015 is optimistic, and he expects emerging markets to offer high yield returns. According to Dondero crude oil prices will bounce resulting in the stock and bond markets experiencing higher returns. He predicts a normalization of crude prices by 2016, and the dollar and other commodities to level off. India is choice for a solid overseas market, but he expects Brazilian and Russian markets to go on the down trend. He also predicts the deflation led by China to continue.

He earned degrees in both accounting and finance, and is CFA and CMA certified. He holds nine board seats across 20 industries. He acts as Director of MGM Holdings and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and his other affiliations are too numerous to name but include American Banknote Corporation and NextBank Capital.

Why Bruce Levenson is Washington DC’s Number One Entrepreneur

Bruce Levenson is the famous entrepreneur responsible for the success of the United Communications Group as well as the co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the Atlanta Philips Arena, a place where performers hold concerts and sports games are often played. He is also owns significant stakes in TechTarget, a popular media outlet that spun out of the United Communications Group.

Levinson, along with his very good friend Ed Peskowitz founded the United Communications Group, a media company that sells subscriptions to newsletters that provide facts and figures usually seen as statistics in newspapers and magazines. The UCG creates newsletters in thousands of verticals, from gas, healthcare, technology and energy amongst many others. His company, the United Communications Group is also the principal owner and operator of the popular Android, Blackberry and iOS app GasBuddy, an application that helps drivers find the lowest local gas prices.

In the early 2000’s, he along with his friend Ed Peskowitz decided to purchase the Atlanta Hawks for close to $200 million. Along with the Atlanta Hawks, he also purchased the Philips Arena as well as the popular NHL team the Atlanta Thrashers, although his partner and himself eventually chose to sell the franchise to an outside investor for an undisclosed sum of money

For Bruce Levinson and Ed Peskowitz began building the United communications group, which made them both hundreds of millions of dollars, he worked at the Washington Star newspaper as a journalist. In addition to his work as a popular and published journalist, he obtained a law degree in night school after work.

Bruce Levinson is a huge stake owner and a popular tech company called TechTarget, a company that provides very detailed specs and information on enterprise hardware purchased mostly by corporations. In addition to his principal stake in the organization, he is also rest on the board of the organization. He served on its board from 2000 until he retired from Company operations in 2013.

Bruce Levinson, entrepreneur is also a very active philanthropist, donating lots of money to organizations that reach out to help low income children pursue a formal college education.

Being born into a very rich Jewish heritage, that can be traced all the way back to Israel, his grandmother was a Holocaust survivor. He has donated nearly $10 million, and continues to donate a significant amount of his money to Jewish foundations such as the US Holocaust Museum as well as SEEDS for Peace and Birthright Israel, the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute amongst various other noble causes.