Highland Capital Management By James Dondero

Investors today have to make a lot of financial decisions while keeping track of many details that they do than they did a generation ago. Instead of doing it themselves, they may have to choose from hundreds of management companies – or they may have no luck at all in this volatile market. And of course, there is always the right way for individuals and businesses to handle money. There is no need to do it the way others do or the way it was done before. What is important is creating a management system that can work for you or the business, as a whole. Some businesses hand over the task of managing capital and other tasks related to the business into the hands of a responsible company like Highland Capital Management. This company is an alternative investment management firm that oversees hedge funds, distressed and structured investment funds. The firm has professionals who are highly skilled in the finance and investment field. Highland Capital Management or HCM invests in a wide range of investment venues such as fixed income, hedging markets and global public equity. Its main focus is on high yield bonds, leveraged loans as well as structured products.

Professionals at Highland Capital Management combine various approaches of investment that tend to work better for investors. These professionals are bound to be far better than many ‘do-it-yourself’ investors out there. It is much simpler and affordable to have someone in charge of investment than to try to handle situations without adequate knowledge and experience. It is also smart to create portfolio for investing in the market yourself, but it is easier to have one consolidated account for all investment activities in one place like this firm.

Highland Capital Management couldn’t have been successful without its president and co-founder James Dondero. James David Dondero popularly known as Jim is from Dallas TX and currently oversees his company’s strategies and operations in various sectors including institutional and retail products. James Dondero has a number of years of experience in credit markets. He is one of the original pioneers in CLO or Collateralized Loan Obligation strategy. James Dondero became the chief investment officer of Protective Life where he worked in its GIC subsidiary before starting Highland Capital Management. Within a span of five years, he was able to grow this startup to $2 billion in investment fund.

James Dondero graduated from University of Virginia in accounting and finance. He is also a certified management accountant and chartered financial analyst. Dondero served as the board of director for American Banknote and MGM Studios. He is the chairman of the board for NexBank, CCS Medical Corporation and Cornerstone Healthcare. He has contributed to many magazines in business and finance as well. His ideas and strategies have reached millions of businesses out there. James Dondero has been quoted in numerous publications as well because of his ability to make the most complex management topics understandable in simple terms and strategies workable to the average investor.