Samuel Strauch In Real Estate Business

     Samuel Strauch is the principal of Metrik Real Estate, a company located in South Beach Florida. Strauch is not only in this business to make money but also making the real estate business favorable for all the players. His company is a place where employees are allowed a chance to implement their ideas. Strauch gives them the freedom needed to accomplish their goals. To the company, each employee feels loved and appreciated. The intention is to allow them to remain innovative and execute ideas with the freedom they deserve. Although he has made a lot of wealth from this industry, his treatment of employees of Metrik Real Estate is a distinguished step in the progress of the industry.

Samuel Strauch says that the kind of employees one employs have a significant role in the success or failure of the company. As a company leader, he has decided to hand in responsibilities to the best employees. He has personally handpicked each one of them. He understands the strengths of each one of them. Samuel Strauch advises CEOs to always be genuine with their workers. Workers are the backbone of any company and therefore should be respected.

About Samuel Strauch is a former banker. He started Metrik Real Estate in 2002. The company deals with real properties mainly in South Beach, and in Latin America. The company also deals with other services such as property development and acquisition. Samuel Strauch is a graduate of Hofstra University, the Harvard University, and the Erasmus University. Samuel Strauch loves photography and art as his hobbies.

Bob Reina: He’s Committed To This

When Bob Reina commits to something, people can rest easy. They know they are getting someone that is going to go all out as a leader and as a CEO. Bob Reina is someone that believes in changing lives and impacting them in the best possible way. He is a selfless person and it is supremely rare to find people like that walking around in today’s society. It has become a world where people are just looking out for their own interests and they do not care if anyone gets hurt or trampled along the way. It is all about me, as they say.


Bob Reina knows that people need to help each other out. When people help each other out, everyone is a winner. For example, if someone is running a company, they can spread the word about someone else’s company and vice versa. It is all about networking, and Talk Fusion has all of the video technology necessary to make networking easier than ever. It allows for growth within a company, which is very, very important. Companies need to grow and they need to expand. If they are stuck in the same place, that is not a good thing. They also don’t want to take steps back either.


Bob Reina, both as a businessman and also a human being, is taking steps each and every day to grow. Bob Reina is self-aware and he likes to ask himself the tough questions and he likes to reflect on what he is doing with his life and what he is doing with Talk Fusion. When someone is self-aware, they know every little thing about themselves and about the company. There is never going to be a day where Bob Reina thinks he has it all figured it out and he has all the answers.


Things are always evolving and changing, which is the way Bob Reina likes it. It is why he is always looking for new things to add to keep Talk Fusion fresh and exciting for the people working there and the people using the product for their own company. Learn more:






Madison Street Capital: In the Business of Giving Valuable Financial Advisory Services

When it comes to facilitating the growth of companies, Madison Street Capital a global investment banking firm does it the best way it knows how. One of its recent achievements is through acting as a financial advisor to facilitate the growth of equity for one of its clients, Sterling Packaging, that is based in Selkirk. The move has seen the investment provider, Druid Capital Partners, express excitement over the partnership. Druid Capital’s Martin Holt recognized Sterling Package for its high values which are evident not just in their company but also for their children. By helping bring the two parties together, Madison Street Capital reputation is expected to continue improving and consequently attracting more clients. Learn more:

The partnership between Druid Capital and Sterling Packaging is just but one of the many strides by the firm in helping clients across the board. Since 2005, Madison Street Capital provides its clients with a clear understanding of the actual value of a company. It has a reputation for excellence due to its credible establishment as a provider of financial services. Some of these services include advisory services on mergers, business assessment and giving the valuable opinion for middle markets to help them get the right financial advisors.

To carry out its consulting services, Madison Street Capital relies on knowledge, extensive experience and its existing relationships. What makes it so different from any other firm advisory firms? Most businesses find it hard to find someone who can mentor them through their entrepreneurial ( Madison Street Capital hence comes in to provide honest and trusted advisers on the ever changing nature of the markets. This is what is termed as ‘tough love’ which helps a business navigate the market with the full knowledge of either negative or positive view of the whole situation.

Their team of professionals provides services suited to meet the needs of each client through careful analysis and giving clear recommendations to each one of them. Diversification of the different industries has also helped shape the experience of the firm and helped it be a leading provider of advisory services. Further, confidentiality on the information that is submitted to them has skillfully helped the company to earn trust from its clients. Learn more:

Richard Mishaan Design – Sophisticated And Beautiful Designs That Are Highly Popular

Richard Mishaan was born and raised in Columbia. He began his career in Phillip Johnson’s office after getting a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New York. He has also attended the University School of Architecture in Columbia.


The Mishaan touch is stylish and very extensive. Mr. Richard Mishaan is a great individual and has got immense knowledge of architecture, fashion, and interior design. He has got a deep awareness of quality and luxury due to his ethnic origin.


Richard Mishaan has written two books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. Both these books have been printed by Monacelli Press. It is a part of Random House. The book, Artfully Modern launched in Nov. 2014. In the book Artfully Modern, Mr. Richard Mishaan exhibits his liking for interior design.


It has been observed that most of the clients like the costly design alternatives. So the perspective of Mr. Richard Mishaan in his book, Artfully Modern is a bit unique. This book is very sophisticated. Mr. Richard Mishaan lives in New York and does his work for hotels and private residences through his firm Richard Mishaan Design.


Mr. Richard Mishaan has got impressive sculptures and vibrant art pieces at his place. His home is near the Central Park. The book Artfully Modern has beautiful spreads. The Manhattan duplex penthouse features in it. Mr. Mishaan had made a limestone stair hall in it whose walls have got a beautiful custom basket pattern. The designer sells products lower than $100 in the shop.


He has also mentioned the Upper East side apartment in the book. The feelings expressed in his book Modern Luxury that was published in the year 2009 had a great impact about how Mishaan relates his work. He wanted to exhibit a broad range in his book. He also wanted to showcase the concepts that were behind designing and how they may impact you.


The blending of styles is quite usual nowadays. Mr. Mishaan has been religiously working on this for thirty years. Mr. Mishaan has got a fantastic apartment that is very artistic. He lives with this wife and two kids.


Let NuoDB Make Things Simpler, Faster, and Cost Effecient

NuoDB is ACID-compliant and is an advanced, elastic SQL database that will reduce time to market by leveraging application code already in existence and by keeping data management logic within the database. NuoDb will also lower your costs because disaster recovery is built right into the product so there is no need for any additional or expensive components. NuoDB delivers better performance, new features, and availability thanks to its simpler logic.

NuoDB’s architecture makes it possible to make optimizations around storage, replication, and redundancy without having to worry about disk limitations. You can run NuoDb in the environment of your choice and messages between NuoDB’s processes are automatically encrypted by default.

You can maximize all of your resources across many data centers within close-proximity and even minimize latencies through data locality. In-memory caches will automatically adjust for optimal workload performance without sharing the cloud database and you can add or remove compute power without stopping database services.

NuoDb can withstand failure at every level without the threat of bringing down your application and you can easily integrate policy management that is already established through its REST interface. With NuoDB, you can easily migrate applications to cloud, ANSI SQL, and distributed databases.

Highland Capital Management By James Dondero

Investors today have to make a lot of financial decisions while keeping track of many details that they do than they did a generation ago. Instead of doing it themselves, they may have to choose from hundreds of management companies – or they may have no luck at all in this volatile market. And of course, there is always the right way for individuals and businesses to handle money. There is no need to do it the way others do or the way it was done before. What is important is creating a management system that can work for you or the business, as a whole. Some businesses hand over the task of managing capital and other tasks related to the business into the hands of a responsible company like Highland Capital Management. This company is an alternative investment management firm that oversees hedge funds, distressed and structured investment funds. The firm has professionals who are highly skilled in the finance and investment field. Highland Capital Management or HCM invests in a wide range of investment venues such as fixed income, hedging markets and global public equity. Its main focus is on high yield bonds, leveraged loans as well as structured products.

Professionals at Highland Capital Management combine various approaches of investment that tend to work better for investors. These professionals are bound to be far better than many ‘do-it-yourself’ investors out there. It is much simpler and affordable to have someone in charge of investment than to try to handle situations without adequate knowledge and experience. It is also smart to create portfolio for investing in the market yourself, but it is easier to have one consolidated account for all investment activities in one place like this firm.

Highland Capital Management couldn’t have been successful without its president and co-founder James Dondero. James David Dondero popularly known as Jim is from Dallas TX and currently oversees his company’s strategies and operations in various sectors including institutional and retail products. James Dondero has a number of years of experience in credit markets. He is one of the original pioneers in CLO or Collateralized Loan Obligation strategy. James Dondero became the chief investment officer of Protective Life where he worked in its GIC subsidiary before starting Highland Capital Management. Within a span of five years, he was able to grow this startup to $2 billion in investment fund.

James Dondero graduated from University of Virginia in accounting and finance. He is also a certified management accountant and chartered financial analyst. Dondero served as the board of director for American Banknote and MGM Studios. He is the chairman of the board for NexBank, CCS Medical Corporation and Cornerstone Healthcare. He has contributed to many magazines in business and finance as well. His ideas and strategies have reached millions of businesses out there. James Dondero has been quoted in numerous publications as well because of his ability to make the most complex management topics understandable in simple terms and strategies workable to the average investor.