FreedomPop’s Service is Top Notch

Free things in the modern world are rare and are usually accompanied with a hidden agenda. This is the reason as to why a free mobile phone contract by FreedomPop is raising eyebrows. FreedomPop is a firm based in Los Angeles that offers 200minutes, 200MB’s of data and 200texts to customers in the UK. The services are free for a lifetime. In addition, a customer can earn more data on downloading coupons and completion of third-party surveys.

The company has previously been in operation in the United States for a period of three years with a customer subscription of one million people. Since May, the UK subscription boasts of 250,000 people registered to the service .The customers can access the services through a FreedomPop SIM card or app, which shows the subscriber the usage of the free call time minutes, data bundles and text messages.

The free data for instance 200 MBs is adequate for various options that include 60 posts on social sites comprising of photos, a thousand emails in text or approximately five video clips. On the other hand, 2.5GB GB data is sufficient for a range of options including surfing the web without watching videos for a period of 17 hours, 51,200 text-based emails, or Skype for a maximum of 127 hours or watching. The company also offers a range of data from 10MBs for rating an application to 2.5GBs for the completion of a ten-minute survey.

For subscribers who have people they would want to keep in touch with in abroad, they can get a virtual phone number to be used by people in foreign countries to call them free of charge. Many mobile services have entered the UK market but none of them has come up with a business model that offers free mobile services for life. The company believes that mobile services should be accessible to all.

Other than the UK, the FreedomPop intends to launch in other seven countries in a period of one year and ultimately twenty countries by 2017. It also intends to reduce the price of phones in the UK in time for Christmas season.