Susan McGalla Stays Strong in the Midst of Challenges

When it comes to facing challenges Susan McGalla is one of those executives that knows how to get in and handle things that may be falling apart. She has become one of the most sought after business leaders in the world of retail and branding in general. She has become one of those executive corporations can count on when their businesses are taking the wrong turn. She has proven herself in a male-dominated industry and become someone that can adjust easily. It doesn’t matter if she has had a long commitment to a company like American Eagle or a short-term stay in other executive roles. There is a proven track record that people can see when they look at the changes that occurred during her time on the job.

It is very easy to see how Susan McGalla on prnewswire has become one of the top female executives in the branding industry. It starts with her ability to totally embrace what is happening inside of an organization. She has the uncanny ability to look at all aspects of an organization and make firm decision based on what is happening in the different departments. She has become one of those leaders that knows what needs to be done to build better revenue streams. This is part of her leadership expertise. The ability to lead in this way has also allowed her to expand further than branding and engage in starting her own business as well.

When it comes to business strategy there are some females in the industry that have the market on lock. Susan McGalla is one such woman she has been able to become a voice that people listen to. Even as someone that has faced challenges down through the years she has always manage to preserve her very positive spirit. She has continued to gravitate towards establishing revenue growth for any company that she has worked for. She has this ability to help businesses that may have once been struggling to return to a point of grace. There are a lot of different branding organizations in the world today, but Susan has proven that she can do a lot of the brand building on our own. Her vision and area of establishing brands is what has allowed her to start a consulting company. Her resume is something that certainly proves that she is the expert in this area. That is why many people are looking forward to what she can do in her homeland of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is currently in a role of director for the Pittsburgh Steelers in their strategic planning department. This is another stellar branding position.

Susan McGalla certainly proves to be a strong candidate in the world of business because has risen in ranks and still managed the balance motherhood. This is not an easy thing, but McGalla has made it look easy for many years. She has proven that she could lead when people may have assumed that she could not meet the challenges.

How the Tech World is Changing the NYC Real Estate Market

The tech industry is booming and New York City is receiving the benefits of the move of tech from its bastions in California to the East Coast. As New York City is desirable for both businesses and employees with its status as a premier metropolis and its extensive public transportation network, tech companies are finding it increasingly desirable for their operations. This article will discuss the ways in which the tech industry is rejuvenating the cities real estate.

Despite the high prices and demand for NYC apartments for rent, many of the units are outdated by modern city standards. This is partly because New York City is an old and storied city with a lengthy history and strict regulations regarding creating new buildings. The tech industry’s move into the city has rejuvenated many commercial spaces by adding in new and unique spaces that these entities are pressuring landlords to renovate. In the future, this will lead to more desirable or at least interesting architectural spaces for commercial buildings.

The meatpacking industry and the Chelsea piers area have been a crime center in years past but have now been revitalized by the tech industry moving in.

Beyond that, residential centers have also grown up with the tech industry and has become more desirable as a result. Finding apartments or space in these now hot areas have become difficult and it is important to work with an real estate agency such as Town Residential who can help to find affordable and unique properties to lease in these locations. Contact them and ask their experienced professionals to help you find the up and coming neighborhoods so you can live where the action is. Town Residential has many professionals on staff who grew up in NYC and are aware of the different areas, their unique characteristics, and what units are available.

If you are in the tech industry and are looking for a new and unique space of your own, contact Town Residential to see what spaces are available on the market. Town Residential is experienced in locating unique spaces on the market and helping to negotiate terms for these spaces that are beneficial to buyers. Town is experienced in the NYC market which is unique a different from other areas.

Why Doe Deere Is Leading In the Makeup Industry

The development of technology has led to emergence of many business opportunities. Many business and marketing platforms have developed and are injecting a lot of resources for economic development. As such, many people have taken the opportunity to invest in different types of businesses across the world. Internet has been used as the centre for marketing revolution. Marketing and business opportunities have shifted from the traditional norms and are being done on the internet. This is because the internet provides a wide range of opportunities to explore different global markets. Many people have benefited a lot from the e-commerce platform which has made it possible to transact business from any point of the world. These opportunities have led to the emergence of many types of business and technological executives across the world. Doe Deere is one of the leading business and technological executive in the United States of America. She was born in Russia and later moved to United States of America in 1999. Here, she developed her passion which was to invest in different types of business as a source of livelihood. Doe Deere is one exceptional leader who undertakes the development of any business venture with a lot of passion. This has enabled her to develop successful business entities that have made remarkable change in the business industry.
Doe Deere is the Co-Founder of the Lime Crime Makeup Company. This is a company that develops different types of makeup products that are used by many people globally. Through her good leadership skills, she has developed the company to be among the shinning companies in products promotion on the internet. The company has developed a blog where it promotes and sells the products to a wide number of customers. Lime Crime makeup products are mainly designed for teenagers and young girls. This is because the company targets the young population which is the majority in using makeup and spends most of their time on the internet. Doe Deere has been very vocal in her promotion of the products on the internet where she has openly given the advantages of using the products over the others. Her products are quite unique since they depict different types of colors that have generated a wide customer base. In recent years, Doe Deere has hinted that his is opening shops across many different states to sell her unique products due to the increased number of customer base. The products can also be purchased online through visiting the company’s website and selecting the desired product. In addition to her enthusiastic nature, Doe Deere is an animal activist who has great love for animals. This has been facilitated by the numerous animal activism support mechanisms that she has advertised on the internet to fight for the respect of domestic animals. She has developed various ways of attracting the entire population to like her makeup products. She established her own fun club where she would invite members to come and celebrate with her on her numerous successes in life. Doe Deere is one attractive internet user that has capitalized on the internet to sell her products.

Handy Is The Best Home Cleaning App In The World

Nobody likes to clean their home, especially when they have many other things to do that prevent them from having enough time to comfortably clean their house without being in a rush. Cleaning up a home is not that difficult in terms of how much knowledge one needs to have to complete cleaning tasks, but in the sense that it takes a very long time to clean a home in its entirety. Doing the dishes, sweeping and mopping, and picking up items laying around all take a very long time, especially in a medium to large-sized help. It takes even longer to do all of this if one does not have any help and has to clean up by their selves.

Hiring people to clean one’s home is very nice because it is relaxing to come home to a clean house without having to have cleaned up any, but it has traditionally been expensive and reserved for those with large amounts of disposable income. Luckily for homeowners, there is a new app called Handy. Handy features many listings of home cleaners that are available to lend their services to homeowners and renters nearby.

Since Handy was founded four years ago by Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, there have been more than a quarter of a million applications to list cleaning services on this revolutionary app. Only around seven thousand cleaners have been accepted into the website, all of which have had to submit to background checks. It is actually very difficult to be listed on Handy, even though many other hosting sites or apps such as Craigslist allow its users to post for free, without having to be submitted to background checks or any other type of pre-employment screenings.

So, how much does Handy on apple app charge its customers for arranging the deals? Absolutely nothing. The only money that is expensed out of the deal is the money that the house cleaning professional receives, which is a little less than a 20% fee from the sum of the transaction. This is very reasonable, considering that the average price of a listing on Handy for one hour of cleaning services is around $22. This means that cleaners are making at least $17 an hour, which is a great value for doing nothing more than cleaning homes.

If one is interested in learning about Handy and how to use it, it’s very easy. Simply download the app for free, then open the app and fill out information about where one is located. There will be a list of home cleaning service providers near the customer, all of which will be different and offer different services. All users of Handy are essentially guaranteed to find someone to clean their home because it is so easy to use and there are so many listings on their site, everybody is sure to find something that fits them perfectly.

Successful Business Tips offered by Chicagoan Business and Marketing Leaders

Rising to be a successful business and marketing leader does not just happen in a snap, but rather it takes a careful planning, hard work, dedication and patience. Some of the success tips that are offered by the Chicagoan business and marketing leaders are as follows:

Rising to be a successful leader in a market that is already dominated by well-established players is almost unlikely. Rather than start battling over the saturated, broad markets, it is better to get a narrow market and provide some specialized products or services. A smaller market will much easily get you in a position of becoming a leader, like Majeed Ekbal.

Do not wait until perfection so that you can launch your products. Rather, execute and iterate constantly. You must put in mind that a product or service will never achieve perfection, and it will definitely not be at its launch. Once you get your product in the market, pay attention to the feedback of your customers and consider their needs, wants and concerns. Do your best to come up with innovations, adapting to market changes and staying some steps ahead of your competitors.

The customers control the modern-age technology-driven world and the social media. Whatever they say has the power to make or break businesses. A survey that was conducted on consumers found that 90% of respondents claimed that positive online feedback determined their buying decisions. The same survey showed that 86% claimed that negative reviews had direct and negative impact on their purchasing decisions. With this, it becomes important to provide a product or service that is of high quality and able to satisfy consumers and they will in turn become your brand ambassadors.

Coming with creative advertisement and marketing strategies is important so as to reach customers and build awareness of the brand. Be ambitious with the marketing strategies and look for ways that are new and creative to market your products and connects with consumers.

Among the Chicagoan Business and marketing leaders, Majeed Ekbal stands out as among the best leader capable of bringing success to the city. Ekbal is a senior executive in marketing. His experience that is of over 15 years makes him adept in broadening new business operations. He has worked well with other development partners, budget management and direct and digital marketing. Mr. Ekbal is full of business ideas and he shares them with young entrepreneurs.

Is Your Dog Food Healthy?

There are a multitude of dog foods available on the market today. Unfortunately, not all of them are good for your dog and would be considered “junk food” if it were put in human terms. Your dog deserves a healthy diet that is well balanced and full of nutrients that focus on their specific needs. With many dog foods failing to provide the ingredients necessary for your dog to live a healthy, fulfilling life, you must do your research and determine what is best for your dog.

Beneful dog food is one of the most popular dog foods known in the United States. Because of their reputation, they receive the majority of sales from pet owners and they also have been acclaimed as one of the best manufacturers in the world.

While Beneful dog food is an amazing food to feed your pet, there are other well known dog foods that take your pet’s health into consideration with every bag, or can, of dog food that they make. However, when you are making your decision, you must take the advice of your vet into consideration as well.

Each Dog Has Specific Dietary Needs
Not only does every breed have its own dietary needs, every pet has their own needs as well. Your dog’s health, health conditions and age can factor into whether they should or should not consume a certain type of food. Just like humans, pets can develop allergies to various food ingredients.

Dogs Verses Grain
While dogs may need some grain in their diet, they do not need a dog food that is mostly comprised of grain. The main ingredient in their food should be meat. Even though this is a well known fact, many dog food companies (especially off brands)tend to use grain as their main ingredient. This can seriously damage your dog’s digestive health and decrease their lifespan dramatically.

Your pet deserves to live a long, healthy, happy life that is free from health concerns and digestive upset. The more you know about your pet and their dietary needs, the happier they will be, and the better care you can provide them from the inside out!

FreedomPop’s Service is Top Notch

Free things in the modern world are rare and are usually accompanied with a hidden agenda. This is the reason as to why a free mobile phone contract by FreedomPop is raising eyebrows. FreedomPop is a firm based in Los Angeles that offers 200minutes, 200MB’s of data and 200texts to customers in the UK. The services are free for a lifetime. In addition, a customer can earn more data on downloading coupons and completion of third-party surveys.

The company has previously been in operation in the United States for a period of three years with a customer subscription of one million people. Since May, the UK subscription boasts of 250,000 people registered to the service .The customers can access the services through a FreedomPop SIM card or app, which shows the subscriber the usage of the free call time minutes, data bundles and text messages.

The free data for instance 200 MBs is adequate for various options that include 60 posts on social sites comprising of photos, a thousand emails in text or approximately five video clips. On the other hand, 2.5GB GB data is sufficient for a range of options including surfing the web without watching videos for a period of 17 hours, 51,200 text-based emails, or Skype for a maximum of 127 hours or watching. The company also offers a range of data from 10MBs for rating an application to 2.5GBs for the completion of a ten-minute survey.

For subscribers who have people they would want to keep in touch with in abroad, they can get a virtual phone number to be used by people in foreign countries to call them free of charge. Many mobile services have entered the UK market but none of them has come up with a business model that offers free mobile services for life. The company believes that mobile services should be accessible to all.

Other than the UK, the FreedomPop intends to launch in other seven countries in a period of one year and ultimately twenty countries by 2017. It also intends to reduce the price of phones in the UK in time for Christmas season.

Yeonmi Park Takes The World By Storm

Young North Korean civil rights activist Yeonmi Park was born in 1993 in Hyesan, North Korea – just a brief 21 years ago. Born into a world very different from that of young Western children, Yeon-mi learned from an early age to hate foreigners, to express unending devotion toward her Dear Leader, and to trust no one. Her mother used to tell her that even the mice and birds had ears.

Last year, the UN released a report that was compiled based on interviews with over 300 North Korean refugees that detailed a mind-bogglingly long list of horrors and atrocities committed by the North Korean government against its own citizens. Many of the testimonies of those interred at government run hard labor camps painted a picture of abuse eerily similar to that which Louis Zamperini described in his biography “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand.

The difference is that Louis Zamperini was in a Japanese internment camp during a war in which his country was a legitimate enemy of his captors. The North Koreans were imprisoned in camps by their own country and the guards their own countrymen and women. And yet the testimonies of North Korean refugees regarding their treatment in forced labor camps in their own country bear painfully strong parallels to Zamperini’s accounts of the treatment of Japanese guards towards their enemies in WWII.

One woman testified to watching a guard beat a starving woman who had recently given birth to a baby, before forcing the woman to drown her own newborn child. Another man testified to being starved so severely, that he dropped from a fit and healthy 165 lbs to a sickly and alarming 79 lbs in his brief 10 months of incarceration. Several people have testified to various means of torture employed by the guards, and stories of rape, forced abortion and infanticide are too numerous to list. Except of course in the 400 page report compiled and released by the UN.

In 2007, when Yeon-mi was a mere 14 years old, she and her mother escaped into China across a frozen river in the middle of winter. But rather than being in a place of safety once they arrived, they were still in danger of being hunted down and sent back by Chinese authorities. Unable to rely on the protection of government officials, Yeon-mi and her mother were subjected to more than a year of further horrors and ongoing atrocities. Finally, nearly two years after their original escape from North Korea, they made their way into Mongolia where they found shelter at the South Korean embassy.

Today, Yeon-mi Park is a vocal and outspoken advocate on Independent for freedom in North Korea. As a frequent guest on numerous radio and TV shows, she has gained a platform in South Korea and after a passionate speech delivered at the One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland in 2014, she gained a global following of sympathetic supporters. Recently she appeared on BBC’s revered “Top 100 Women of 2104” list and was one of the youngest women to ever receive that prestigious honor.

Meet Flavio Maluf-The Business Mogul

The name Flavio Maluf is almost a global brand. It is virtually a household name in Brazil. However, some people may not have a clear idea of who Maluf is even if they have heard the name before. Maluf is a renowned Brazilian entrepreneur and a career mechanical engineer. He is the long-serving president of Eucatex and the GrandFood Group. The GrandFood Group owns several brands that include Golden and the Premier Pet.

The professional mechanical engineer, who is an alumnus of the Alvares Penteado Foundation, is married to Jacqueline Torres and is a proud father of three kids. He was born on December 2, 1961, and he lives in Sao Paulo. The business mogul has scaled the ranks to become a high-profile manager during his illustrious career in the industrial sector. He was ultimately appointed as the Eucatex President. Eucatex is among the leading multinational firms in Brazil. Mr. Maluf has been working in Eucatex Group from the year 1987. It is worth noting that during his stay at the mega-firm, he has served in various capacities to get where he is now. In 1997, he assumed the presidency of the entire Eucatex Group a position he holds up to date. He has been focusing on making the firm conform to the current market trends competitiveness.

Maluf’s Achievements at Eucatex

Maluf pioneered the application of the eucalyptus that grows in Oceania in the manufacture of tissue papers. The eucalyptus can adapt to virtually any environment, grow fast and can also be used in the manufacturing pulp, wood for construction jobs, charcoal, and paper. Eucatex is currently considered a leader in the manufacture of, panel, paints, doors, flooring. It is also used in producing acoustic ceilings, for insulation, plates, and other wooden housewares. On top of contributing tax to the Brazilian economy, the firm also partakes in charitable initiatives, anti-drug campaigns, and works with hospitals like Idio Carli maternity. The maternity was once referred as Santa Emilia.

Eucatex, under the able leadership of Flavio Maluf, opened a branch in Argentina, and it plans to expand to other countries in the Latin America. It invests in the genetic technology that is a modern form of fertilization technology that is prevailing in the botany field. Eucatex has been certified by the FCS for more than 20 years. The certification ensures the quality of products offered by the firm while conferring it with the respect that it deserves from its customers.

Highland Capital’s Road to Excellence – Led by James Dondero

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas based and SEC registered investment advisory firm, with over $32 billion in assets. Highland specializes in credit strategies, and is the world leader in global alternative management. Hedge funds, distressed situations, emerging markets, natural resources, pension plans and endowments are just a few of Highland’s areas of expertise. Highlands unique strategies of diversification guarantee low risk and high yield investments. Highland is a global firm with offices in Dallas, New York, San Paulo, Singapore and Seoul.

The firm was founded by Jim Donderoand Mark Okada when their partnership purchased a stake in PAMCO. The next year Highland was born, and there was no holding the young firm back. Under Dondero’s leadership Highland expanded its global footprint to emerging markets. Dondero’s plan is called the four-factor-alpha which produced an 80 point increase in less than a month’s time. The four-factor-alpha plan’s main focus is on hedge funds, and Dondero’s strategy out performs any other plan in the market by using small-cap instead large-cap picks. Highland manages the largest CLO in the world worth over $21 billion dollars.

Dondero started his career with American Express as a portfolio manager and as a corporate bond analyst at Protective Life’s GIC. His experience with those firms inspired him to pioneer the use of the CLO as safe road to high gain and low risk investment. A CLO is a Collateralized Loan Obligation. The CLO offers the investor an opportunity at high gain return through the use of public and private investments.

Dondero’s outlook for the market in 2015 is optimistic, and he expects emerging markets to offer high yield returns. According to Dondero crude oil prices will bounce resulting in the stock and bond markets experiencing higher returns. He predicts a normalization of crude prices by 2016, and the dollar and other commodities to level off. India is choice for a solid overseas market, but he expects Brazilian and Russian markets to go on the down trend. He also predicts the deflation led by China to continue.

He earned degrees in both accounting and finance, and is CFA and CMA certified. He holds nine board seats across 20 industries. He acts as Director of MGM Holdings and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and his other affiliations are too numerous to name but include American Banknote Corporation and NextBank Capital.