Sheldon Lavin: A Shining Star at OSI Group

The mention of the name Sheldon Lavin brings much talk and awe to the table as a result of his outstanding leadership skills and success in all that he handles. Sheldon serves as the chief executive officer at OSI Group and brings much experience in food and meat processing industry. He also executes his role as president of the renowned OSI international Foods Limited with great diligence and hard work. No task or responsibility concerning the company goes unnoticed by him which ensures that all their undertaking is successful. The company’s success can be greatly attributed to his outstanding leadership skills that have seen the company grow and penetrate the global market. The company has its presence in about 60 countries around the world which led to his award on Global Visionary by renowned India’s Vision Award in the year 2016. Under his leadership, the firm has been honored with various awards such as sustainability and environmental accolades. Sheldon Lavin hopes that other leaders will continue to uphold the same ideologies to ensure that the future is bright.

The company, OSI Group, has grown and expanded into different markets globally and made its presence felt through high-quality services and products. Under the directive of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group has expanded to countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Austria, Canada, Spain, Philippines, China, Thailand, and Mexico. One of their great acquisition has been the Tyson production plant that is located in the heart of Chicago for about 7.4 million dollars. It was a great deal for them since the plant was located near one of its major production plants. In the year 2016, the company purchased the renowned Baho Food which is a great existing market in Germany and Netherlands. Interesting to note, it gave OSI Group a better platform to be quite successful by increasing their stake power in the market. In the same year, the company was able to acquire UK Flagship Europe that was behind the distribution of sauces and poultry products in Europe and the United Kingdom. Through the help of the OSI Group, clients were able to access not only frozen meat products but also other food products and supplies.

Sheldon Lavin also spearheaded the acquisition of the German Hynek Schlachthof GmbH Acquisition which is situated near Frankfurt. Its great location has enabled OSI Group to get ample access to the meat products and as a result, meet their clients’ needs. It is quite clear that Sheldon Lavin is steering the company to the right direction.

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